Glyn Jones And His Art Works

I am interested in exploring the way in which the process of painting, symbols and abstraction can be used to convey and interpret experience. A kind of non verbal communication which creates a sensation which may strike a chord deep within me and hopefully within those who take enough time to absorb the work. My interest in Celtic ornamentation, the art and crafts of India, North Africa and the countries of the Far East, together with the particular sensations experienced when I have traveled in them, all contribute directly or indirectly to my work. I usually work on a painting over a long period during which the deliberate application of various images, marks and techniques create many chance relationships between color and form. I enjoy improvising within ever expanding parameters. I see this process of improvisation as similar to that used by many composers and musicians, particularly in jazz and the music of India. These preoccupations are synthesized through the painting process to fix an image and create a sensation that , for me, needs no further alteration.

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