Art Works Of Clive Hicks-Jenkins

“As with any creative endeavour, when embarking on a painting there comes a point at which most of the possibilities have to be jettisoned so that work can develop the remaining, carefully selected ideas. This might be called by some ‘the point of no return’, but that would be simplistic because paint has a life of its own, and no matter how well planned a project is, massive changes can and do take place during the painting stage. Creative upheavals can carry the artist to unexpected places, and the finished painting may end up being far from what was originally envisaged. This is good. It’s what makes the process both unpredictable and exhilarating. It can also result in despair. It has always been important to me that no matter how technically good I may get at the business of painting, I continue to lay myself open to the currents that carry me in new directions. “I learn and unlearn” has become a kind of mantra. Every time I reach a point where skill becomes even close to practised and reliable, I feel the urge to derail the train”.

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