The 56 Group Wales was founded in 1956 by a number of professional artists who realised that there were very few opportunities to exhibit contemporary art in Wales at that time. Since then the Group has consistently shown contemporary work throughout Wales, in the British Isles and Ireland, in Europe and North America.
Today its membership numbers twenty artists of national and international repute. The artists featured in the 2011 publication are all practising professionals, and each has provided a statement and examples of recent work to provide an insight into their work content and in context with their remit.
The Group in 2012 will have been in existence for 56 years. Leading up to this period the Group intends to cultivate its ‘branding’ through a second publication covering the period 1956 – 2012.
Up until 2012, exhibitions and talks will take place to promote the Group and to provide an awareness of its intentions for the future.